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Michele is VERY good at getting Scout to play with his long forgotten toys.  The other day she got him interested in his Squirrel Dude which was a replacement for the Twist 'n Treat he destroyed in November.  She just has a magic touch with the toys and now he is obsessed with it.  We put some small treats inside and he picks it up and shakes it to get them to fall out.  It's really interesting to watch him look at the toy and pick up the end without the hole so the treats will come out when he shakes.

It was bath day yesterday and we tried a new self service bath, Unleashed, that opened up a month or so ago.  The kids went with me, and Emma just made herself at home chatting up a storm with the owner while I bathed and dried the monster.  He did really well with the exception of the drier.  He hated the dryer.  I think if he could have tried to get out of the sink through the back corner he would have.  The nice thing about Unleashed is that for a reasonable price I bring the dog and any combs and brushes, they supply the sink, dryer, towels, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, and the all important waterproof apron.

photo courtesy: Zach


Not as much as we thought we would get but still plenty.  It was mixed with some sleet so that kept the snow total down a little bit.  Scout did find his ball today buried almost to the top out in the back yard.  It took him about twenty minutes to dig it out and start playing with it, but once it was out he had a heck of a time playing.  He couldn't decide between playing ball and eating snow.  I am afraid that he will make himself sick with all the snow he eats.  Just going out to go potty becomes a snack session and if he can, he will sneak a chunk in to the house and jump in his dog bed and chew away on the ice ball.

We are expecting a foot of snow today and tonight and this morning Scout had a field day with the 3 inched we have at this point.  I hope to try and get some photos today and I will post them later today.

We just completed class #4 which was called “A Cure for the Winter Doldrums” and it was a lot of fun. We had a mix of things from Freestyle and Rally-O to Agility. Scout did well in most areas with the exception of needing more focused attention on me during down time between exercises. We now have a couple of weeks off and we’ll see if we can learn anything on our own during this time.