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After the Badminton game Scout just decided to take a break and watch the world go by. He is really becoming a great puppy! I hope that Scout keeps his green eyes they are so striking. His nose has filled in a little bit in the week and an half that he has been with us, so I suspect it will fill in further.

Today the kids and I went to the library to see a presentation on a wolf hybrid. It was very interesting to learn the differences between wolves and domestic dogs. This wolf, Saxon, was a Mexican wolf and looked more like a dog than any wolf I have ever seen in photos or the zoo. Did you know that they can only eat raw food? Processed or cooked food will make them ill. They also have webbed feet for running in the snow and not sinking, kind of a permanent snow shoe. There were other differences but those were just a couple.

He is just too funny pouncing on the birdie. That’s Emma giggling in the background. It’s all fun and games until the birdie dies 😀 .



Ok, so if you want to sleep to a semi-reasonable hour (after 5:30am) remember to put the dog out after 11:00pm. Last night I was tired and really wanted to crash so I put Scout and Taz out at about 10:20pm. Taz is fine with that timing and she really is good for 12-15 hours if need be, sometimes she would rather sleep in the morning instead of going out and we have to coax her outside. Scout on the other hand…Well you get it.

Early to bed,

early to rise,

makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

~Benjamin Franklin

Ok, Ben, where’s my fortune? If this were true all parents and puppy owners would be rich beyond their dreams.

Food is such a powerful motivator. Scout is willing to do pretty much anything for some food :).

Today before lunch (when he is good and hungry) I took Scout outside to play on a long line in the front yard. I started to work on come and left him in the yard at the end of the line and from the other end of the line called Scout to me. After about the third time he was rarin’ to go, remember anything for food. So I continued about half a dozen more times and ended on a great note. As we were leaving the yard he took off across the driveway towards the neighbor’s yard and I called him and he stopped dead in his tracks turned and bolted back to me for a treat (glad I had one in my hand at the moment). He got a jackpot (to him anyway:grin:) of three treats for that beautiful display. Then it was inside for the well deserved lunch and a nap. I’ll try to catch a video later today if it doesn’t rain and post that soon.

Today, while Taz was at the groomers Scout was introduced to the vacuum. He was interested when it was just sitting on the floor and even came over to investigate the hose. Then I turned it on and he was a little nervous but still pretty curious.  He got about a foot from the hose that was laying on the floor and I think that the rush of air was spooking him some. The best part was that he didn’t bark at it at all. Taz will bark incessantly to the point of needing to put in another room, and Patch would bark and attack the head to the point of chipping and scratching the plastic. This was a pleasure in comparison, next we will see what will happen when Taz is home and barking, will Scout follow? Monkey see, monkey do? Stay tuned…