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Sometimes you get to see something in a photograph that you kind of miss in real life. This photo was taken at Bowdoin College on the fields by Bill Kunitz last week. He caught Scout in what looks like a pretty happy place 🙂

Ok, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. We got the agility bug and it’s a blast. Scout is doing very well at his jumps and if I can figure out a way to get some photos or video while training him in the yard I will post them. Next weekend I am planning to travel to an agility trial in Skowhegan, Maine to be just a spectator. We went last year and had fun but now that I understand things a little more I think I will get much more out of the trial. One thing that I have found it that agility can be expensive and after seeing a post on the tiptail blog for a contest to win a $30 gift certificate to I figured I would enter. So, Cynthia, this is my entry to your contest and that $30 would go to good use at most likely in the agility catagory 😀