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Let sleeping dogs lie…Not always possible.

Scout likes, no, loves to sleep in his kennel.  If he is sleeping loose in the bedroom he usually wakes us up to put him in the kennel at some point in the night.  The other night he was sleeping out and Emma woke me up.  In my sleepy stooper I tripped on Scout, the poor thing, since he was laying at the foot of the bed, not his usual place.  He proceded to shake it off, easier than I did and meander into his kennel.  It must be a very comfortable place for him since if we don’t latch the door he will come and bother us to do that as well.  He does lie on his back, twisted like a pretzel, pressed on the sides and door.

He’s nuts!

Those of you that have read other posts know Scout, he is a fun and energetic dog.  Last night he got a new title!  He is now known as:

Sealevel Propwash Red Boyscout CCS

What’s CCS you ask?  Well…it is Champion Counter Surfer!  Last night was the last straw, he got a stick of butter, which follows the broken Corningware pot of lunguini, which follows the corn on the cob, which…you get the idea.

I have no idea how to stop it, nothing seems to work other than keeping him out of the kitchen and never let him leave our sight.  We can be in the room and look away and he is right up there looking at us out of the corner of his eye to see if he is “safe”

It was suggested to lay a trail of black pepper on the counter and let him get a snoot full.  I will be getting the pepper tomorrow.

If you have any ideas leave them in the comments.

Ok, so I have been away for a while, sorry. I was playing frisbee with Scout the other day and we play with two, one for me and one for him, he never gets mine until he puts his at my feet, I know I could use the exercise but it’s his job to bring them back to me not near me.

Anyway…one of my wonderful throws lands in our large hammock from LL Bean and he looks at the frisbee over his head, looks at me and then starts to jump at the bottom of the hammock and proceeds to bounce the frisbee over the edge. I was worried that he would try to bite at it from below (it’s about three feet off the ground) and he did once but realized that it wouldn’t fit between the mesh. I will try to get a video or pictures the next time it happens, although you know that will be the time he tears the hammock to shreads 🙁