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As I am sitting eating this morning I look out of the corner of my eye and he is at it again 🙁

Scout is NOT a two legged being and should always have four on the floor, you tell him… As I look over toward the counter there he is trying to get a bowl that had some ice cream in it from last night. I know my fault for not washing the dishes yet but that was for after breakfast. Anyway crash it goes to the floor and shatters all over the place. He is fine and all is cleaned up but hopefully it scared the snot out of him for good, na I doubt it 🙁

I guess it’s a good sign when you take obedience classes and the last instructor you had is in your current class and comments on the improvements over the last few weeks.  Three people told us that last night.  Persistence pays off.

How do you know when an Aussie is fully recovered from surgery?  He acts worse than he did before surgery.  Scout is in need of some serious exercise, mental and physical.  He is getting into everything everywhere in the house.  He stole a 10″ bread knife yesterday and started to chew the wooden handle, he is getting on the counters, begging for food, stealing socks, general mis-behaving.  Yesterday was his first day playing at Bowdoin College fields after 3 weeks and he had a great time running and wrestling with all the other dogs.  He had a good wrestling match with a golden, Katie, that was almost his age and also just recovered from spaying, the match lasted a good 10 minutes.

Starting our next obedience classess tomorrow night (after a 4 week break) and these are different, billed as a way to beat the winter doldrums, we will be  learning tricks, rally-o, freestyle, and some other things.

Yea, back to normal.  Scout got the clean bill of health today.  Staples were removed and incision has healed nicely, thanks to the e-collar.  We are cleared to go back to regular activities and we are both glad.  Walks, frisbee, playing with other dogs…it’s all good!