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It was only $14.95 from Planet Dog but the Orbee ball is a great bargin. Just watch what a six month old can do to entertain himself.


So, last night we finished our beginner obedience class and to my amazement we passed with a paper certificate and dog biscuit. Zach got a Cow Tail, very different than a bully stick, for being a good helper, but he was so busy reading he almost missed out. Scout did really well, one of the “tests” we had was a relay race, one by one we would go across the room and have to put the dogs in a stay. Then one by one move six biscuits from one plate to another plate on the floor with chopsticks. Not one dog stole a biscuit! We start intermediate classes in two weeks so that just gives us 14 days to whip him into shape. 😀

I stopped on the way home from work tonight with Scout at Sea Level Aussies to say hi to Karen, Scout’s breeder.  He had a great time playing with Ruby, a red tri girl, that is living there.  Ruby is only a week older than Scout so they had a blast wresting through the room.  Just wanted to say hi and let Karen see him since it’s been four months since we took him home.  Now just to teach him manners…

I’m not sure if this is Scout’s passage into official “dogdom” or not.  We were walking through the woods next to the house today and he was checking everything out like usual.  The neighbor’s black lab, Potter, uses these woods as well and Scout must have thought the smell was right for marking so here he goes…lifts up that rear left leg…starts to pee…and tips right over…I  wish I had a video camera at that moment.  The look on his face was priceless as he was laying on the ground.  He hopped up walked a few steps and squatted like he always has done.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

How many times do you tell the kids that they need to pick up the toys in the basement?  I guess one more since Max Steele is going to need to have his left food amputated and will be come the new six million dollar man if I ever finish that correspondence course on micro robotics.

Scout also likes to play caveman and drag Barbie around by the hair. There must be something about the taste of polyester hair that is appealing to a six month old dog? Go figure. I think it is the thrill of the hunt no matter where I put the Barbie she is found and carried around by the hair.