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There was concern that Scout was ok after destroying the Twist ‘n Treat.  All is ok and the small pieces that he did swallow did pass.  We kept an eye on him but stopped seeing purple about two days later.

We went out for Thanksgiving last night, but had we stayed home this would have been the scene.  A dog that can turn on the drool faucets, both sides full force.  It’s a pretty common occurance, although some meals really draw it out. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

What does a dog with no tail chase? Well, when you loosen his collar and his tags hang a little lower you have your answer. 🙂


There is a room in the house that we concider private, the bathroom.  It’s also the room with the never ending water bowl, drippy wet legs, and fuzzy towels.  Sometimes you just want to go in alone with out a “helper” but Scout seem to have other ideas.