I had a photo shoot yesterday for my nephew and his fiancee for their engagement photos and tested the camera before heading out for the day. This is the result of that testing. Maybe I’ll post some of the engagement photos in the near future.

It’s been almost two years of neglect.

What happened to me over that time? Life, that’s what.

It’s officially mud season here in Maine, comes about the time the snow goes and there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it other than pave the yard.  It’s been raining like crazy and Scout’s getting antsy to get outside and play.  Hopefully the yard will dry out enough to start playing Frisbee soon.  Speaking of Frisbee I need to order a few more since they are getting pretty beat up from the past two seasons.

It’s really hard to believe he will be three on April 24th, many days he is still such a puppy.  Although the other day he was acting like the 3 year old Aussie he is supposed to be.  I was getting Emma ready for the bus and usually Scout is hanging around the kitchen or sleeping on the couch.  Yesterday he must have been sleeping on the bed and I forgot to put him in his kennel, Michele came home and all was good after a few hours, it’s a miracle!  Maybe for short trips out we can just leave him to his own devises, as long as there is not food on the counter, table, dirty dishes in the sink, or anywhere else he can get to things.  We’ll see what comes down the road as the weather get nicer.

Ok, so I have been gone for a long time, nothing has happened lately.

But, today I picked up a Gentle Leader headcollar for Scout.  It was amazing how his attitude changed in the store, Emma was even able to walk him around the store without getting dragged around.

The one thing that it doesn’t solve is the fact that he still wants to take the leash in his mouth and “walk me” he is still jumping on me trying to get the leash.  If there was a fix for that I would we thrilled.  It’s been almost three years and I figured that if he hasn’t learned to walk without pulling then he isn’t going to learn.  Hopefully this will make the spring and summer walks more enjoyable for both of us.

Let sleeping dogs lie…Not always possible.

Scout likes, no, loves to sleep in his kennel.  If he is sleeping loose in the bedroom he usually wakes us up to put him in the kennel at some point in the night.  The other night he was sleeping out and Emma woke me up.  In my sleepy stooper I tripped on Scout, the poor thing, since he was laying at the foot of the bed, not his usual place.  He proceded to shake it off, easier than I did and meander into his kennel.  It must be a very comfortable place for him since if we don’t latch the door he will come and bother us to do that as well.  He does lie on his back, twisted like a pretzel, pressed on the sides and door.

He’s nuts!