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Couldn’t help taking this picture. It’s tough to sneak up on them sleeping together but I got one here that I like.

Someone has an official name tag, brass with a beautiful reflective tape dot on the back! Unfortunately someone also can reach his new shiny tag and chew on it, so the beautiful tape dot and the nice brass finish are pock marked with little teeth marks. Taz won’t let him get hers any more so this is his fix.

Tomorrow should be a good day for Scout, Taz gets to go to the groomers to get bathed and trimmed and Scout will have a half day to himself. What to do, what to do… I wish there were beaches or parks that I could take them to (after the rest of Scout’s shots of course). I think Taz would like to spend time walking on beach sand or grass instead of the street and sidewalk (and occasional flowerbed that I didn’t see quick enough in the dark).

Last evening Taz and Scout finally seemed to make friends with each other. Taz had been in her usually spot sleeping and Scout just came up between her and the couch, because he likes to lean on things remember, and snuggled in right behind her for a long nap. They slept this way until everyone got home from the store. The only time he perked up was when I was cooking up hamburg, I guess he thought it might be for him.

I guess Scout doesn't think the extra 1/4 cup at each feeding is enough for him. He just climbs into his bowl to lick the silver off the stainless steel. He just cannot help himself. About 10 minutes after feeding he just picked up the bowl and brought it over to me asking for more by dropping it with a clank at my feet. I put the bowl back and he did it again. Nothing like a metal dog bowl dropped on ceramic tile to really get you going in the morning. Fortunately everyone but Emma slept through the racket. Wish I had the camera handy as he was prancing around the kitchen with the bowl in his mouth. It reminds me of Snoopy, although I'm NOT Charlie Brown, I can fly a kite and kick a football 😉 .

We made it through the night! WooHoo! Even if this is a fluke and it doesn't happen again for a while I feel better rested, I just wish Emma would sleep through the night 🙁

Today I am upping his food from 1/2 to 3/4 cup three times a day. He has seemed that he is always starving.  Trying to jump into the food bin and just being wild when Taz is fed thinking that there should be some for hi as well. 

We went for a short walk last night again and he got very rambunctious with the kids and started to herd them down the street.  He did nip Zach's ankle, Zach didn't like that at all and came home alone to get away.  We talked about herding dogs and running around them, he gets it but we'll see today.