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Wow, Scout's popular! He got his first card today from Dr. Spelke, his vet. Scout was pretty excited to read it although is was a little soggy at the top edge 😉

Today Taz is finally starting to accept Scout. Of course this helps that he is not climbing all over her as much as yesterday 🙂 . This morning they were laying on the floor together, Taz on her side and Scout between her feet.

I went to get the camera and he moved to the side of the couch, he like to lean on things when he is laying down. He always likes something under his chin when he is snoozing. I think the walk last night helped him sleep overnight, too. He woke Michele up by chewing on a stuffed dog toy with crinkly ears. I was told this morning that I cannot put that toy in the kennel at night anymore.

This was fun 😛 The kids and I took Scout for his first walk tonight. I think we walked a total of 15 minutes and 4 houses down the street. He did pretty good on the way down but on the way back home he would run the ten feet on the leash and then collapse on the ground. We would call him and he would run down the length of the leash to me and collapse again. About two houses from home I had to just carry him the rest of the way, no way was he going to do it on his own, he was a pooped pup!

Holy cow! He is starting to show his true colors today! Nothing like an 8 pound wild dog to keep you on your toes. He has been non stop except for a post lunch nap until just now at 4:30. He has crashed hard under the table after playing with a tennis ball with Zach. Hopefully today will tucker him out so he sleeps all night tonight.

Up around 3am to put Scout out and he settled right back down. Michele got up at 5:30 for work and put him out, feed him and play for a few minutes and he wouldn't settle down. He was so full of energy at 6:30 he didn't settle down until almost 7:00.  This was him this morning.

A short video of Scout having fun.