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Someone is getting very tired. It's been a busy day that will just get busier. We go to the vet this afternoon for the first visit…Shots??? Thermometers??? What will get stuck in Scout today?

He was pretty funny this morning playing with Taz. He wanted her tags on her collar and kept jumping up and grabbing them, sometimes with some fur. She did pretty well considering she was not consulted at all on this new addition. Taz did get to go to the pet store today to get more food for Scout, and maybe she will eat it as well.

After a few long days of the kids looking at the calendar and asking when Wednesday was going to be here, it's here!

I stopped on the way home tonight to pick up Scout from Sea Level Aussies in Yarmouth, ME and away we went. The ride was reminiscent of Taz's first car ride, almost home and carsick, yuck.Kids with Scout

Zach and Emma were pretty excited when I got home with him and Taz did pretty good also. Zach has a pretty good friend, Scout just likes to curl up in his lap. More tomorrow after our first night of sleep.

Ok, you all win. Everyone wants his name to be Scout. Do I have a chance? NOOOOO! So I guess it will be Scout. Of course today they all will think of something else 😉

We picked out a new Australian Shepherd today. Kind of exciting and nerve racking at the same time. We went out to visit Sea Level Aussies in Yarmouth, ME and found this beautiful red merle boy. There were two to pick from, this red merle and a red tri male. I have always been partial to the merle colorations, they are just more visually striking.

No Name Yet


The kids had fun although they little guys like to nibble on toes and that didn't sit too well with Emma. She wanted to get a muzzle to keep the puppy's mouth closed. Zach thought it was fun to watch them untie his shoes. They have a lot to learn about puppies. Patch and Taz were a few years old when they Zach was born so they have no concept of what a puppy is really like.

He comes home Wednesday night…