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I guess I was up at about 3am this morning to put out Scout. I have no recollection of getting up putting on boots and going outside in sub-zero weather at 3am but I guess it happened. We gave him a smoked pig's ear last night for the first time and he did drink a lot of water after finishing it so maybe that was it? I have no idea, kind of scary I guess…

What’ that sound? Scout is standing in the kitchen cocking his head from side to side trying to decided it that sound coming from the white box on the counter is more interesting than the dinosaur toy in his mouth.

Mmmmm, it smells really good…

Dino is fun, squeek, squeek…

I think the popcorn will win in the end as he is just hovering around Emma right now.

Why does Scout feel the need to get up at the crack of dawn?  He doesn’t seem to want to sleep past 7:30, and if there is the rare day he does I cannot.

We have a snow and ice eater here.  I think Scout cannot go outside without having one or the other in his mouth.  He thinks they are a wonderful treat and just picks up clumps of snow everywhere and either carries them for a while or just plain eats them.  Tonight on one of our trips outside he found a real hard chunk of ice and carried it around the yard.  Then I had him drop it so we could go inside.  On the next trip out he remembered where he dropped it in a yard of snow and proceded to lie down and gnaw on it again.  He is just wierd.

Although the Australian Shepehrd is a North American Breed and not from Australia, the way Scout was acting last night you would think Native American.  He was ripping Birch Bark from the trees and playing with the resulting pieces.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at him.