We also put Scout on sheep for the first time today. He really didn’t do what I expected, I thought that it would be a barking pulling frenzy but he was very well mannered. He was on a long line and stayed with me and we walked the fence line and moved the sheep around the pen. Nothing exciting, but none the less it was a big first step! I don’t know if we will pursue herding but at least we know that he isn’t afraid of the sheep and did show some interest. As with everything we try I am sure that I will need more training just to understand what I would want him to do. We’ll see what the future brings…

Right now he is so tuckered out I kind of feel sorry for him 🙁

2 Responses to “Sheep”

  1. sydney says:

    Could you tell me where you are doing this training? We are moving to Cumberland County and would very much like to look into this for our dog, who is an Australian Shepherd mix.


  2. matt says:

    Sydney, we are training with a friend. Drop me an email and I will try to get you some info. Where in Cumberland County?