Today we were at a picnic for the dog training club and since it was at our agility instructor’s house there was an agility ring set up.  Scout got his turn and the first run was not bad but many handler errors.  We did the teeter with the help of the instructor spotting and led Scout up with a Hansel & Gretel treat trail.  Scout missed the treat in the center of the teeter and kept going on to the rest of the course.  Well when we were done he remembered that missed treat and charged up looking for it, it wasn’t there she had picked it up after he left the area but he sure remembered it!

The second run was better, I figured out where I should be and that made a world of difference.  I was able to keep him on my left the entire run and things were quite a bit smoother.   Don’t know if it would be a qualifying run but it was fun just the same.

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