Michele got Scout a new toy today.  I told her no more toys for Scout unless you find the gnawhide rings for the Bouncy Bone that he got last week.  Well she found the rings and used the opportunity to get him a new toy, the Tug-a-Jug.  It's a dangerous toy that includes this caution label:


If your dog is especially active in swinging

this toy by it's rope, the jug could cause

damage to furniture or injury to other pets

or persons.  Use common sense and supervise use. 

He likes the toy but chewed through the rope in less than a hour.  I replaced that with another rope and he chewed through that one in about 5 minutes.  I am starting to call him scissor teeth 🙂 .  No more ropes for him.  He can still play with the bottle the way it is and try to get treats out but no more swinging it around 🙁 . 


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