It was recommended over at A Dog's Life to try out the Bouncy Bone and I have to say that it's a hit!  Scout really likes it although the gnawhide rings don't last as long as I would like, really just about 5-10 minutes but the bone is being chewed :) .  It almost ranks up there with the Squirrel Dude for fun attention.  

Thanks to Nancy Friedman-Smith for the product review.  Keep it up!

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  1. nancy freedman-smith says:

    Your welcome! I was wondering about the bottle on a rope. No need to try it now

  2. Horison says:

    Hello Suzie, Your spirit has guedid you to all the right people to encourage you along your path. No worries, you will have time to give back and encourage others that are guedid your way. I can so feel the strength of your soul as it is able to merge with your physical life doing something that you can now be passionate about. This is why I always say ..I have the best job in the world! Nancy

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    French Toast + Doughnuts all in one = pure genius! Tese sound AMAZING! Yes, I love to try out new things for breakfast, especially different kinds of french toast!

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