Ok, so I have been away for a while, sorry. I was playing frisbee with Scout the other day and we play with two, one for me and one for him, he never gets mine until he puts his at my feet, I know I could use the exercise but it’s his job to bring them back to me not near me.

Anyway…one of my wonderful throws lands in our large hammock from LL Bean and he looks at the frisbee over his head, looks at me and then starts to jump at the bottom of the hammock and proceeds to bounce the frisbee over the edge. I was worried that he would try to bite at it from below (it’s about three feet off the ground) and he did once but realized that it wouldn’t fit between the mesh. I will try to get a video or pictures the next time it happens, although you know that will be the time he tears the hammock to shreads 🙁

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