Two weeks ago I wrote about Unleashed, the self service bath, today would have been a good day to go back.  Yesterday we had a pretty good snow/sleet/rain storm about 6 inches of snow followed by the rest.  Needless to say it's pretty wet today outside and I took Scout out to play at Bowdoin College I try to take Scout at least one weekend day if not both for an hour or so to play and run off some energy. Today it was pretty wet.  Lots of melting snow and pooling water.  As soon as we got there he ran over a mound that the plows made and jumped right into a 4 inch deep puddle of muddy ice water.  Then he proceeded to find his "doggie friends" and play for an hour or so.  This is the stinky results about an hour after we got home.  I think he is going to smell all day.  The car, the kennel, the dogbed…is it worth it?  I think so, he has so much fun playing there that I feel bad if he cannot go one week. 

I just wish the kids were more into Scout and playing with him.  They just dig in the snow and ignore the dogs unless they get into their holes that they are making.  They just yell at the dogs that interrupt their play.

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