I finally found a copy of “Why Do Dogs Drink Out of the Toilet?: 101 of the Most Perplexing Questions Answered About Canine Conundrums, Medical Mysteries and Befuddling Behaviors” last night after looking all over the State of Maine. It seems that unless you want to order online, we are out of luck. I bought the last copy at the Augusta Barnes and Noble and that was after calling and checking with six different book stores. I have only read about eight or ten questions so far but it already answered one of my long time nagging ones. What takes a dog so long to find a place to poop. Michele was reading some of these entries to me last night while I was doing stuff and we were laughing pretty hard at a few. I think it’s a book for most dog owners.

Haven’t we all really wondered what was going on in their heads? Come on now you can admit it. 🙂

Keep up the good work Marty and Gina!

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