It was beautiful yesterday so I had Scout outside and we were playing frisbee for a while. I went inside and came back about 10 minutes later and this is what I found. This is not the first time he has dug in the back yard. In fact it’s not the first time he has dug in that exact spot. I had just filled it in last week before going out of town so that when Michele’s mother stayed at the house with the kids, dogs, and birds she wouldn’t have a chance of stepping in the hole and getting hurt. I guess once some boundaries were set she and Scout got along pretty well, of course he did get her muffin one morning and spent a bit of time in his kennel. She has a long hair dachshund and Scout is one of the biggest dogs she has spent time with in a long time. A puppy with energy and brains did seem to get the better of her at times.

After digging his hole he spent some time in jail on the deck, none to happy I might add.

Will he be rehabilitated?

Will anyone bail him out?

Will he learn to sing the blues?

Stay tuned…

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