It’s like a run away roller coaster…  Today I got up and Taz was feeling pretty good.  She woke me at 6:15 to go out, something she NEVER does so I’ll take that as a positive.  She went down the stairs did her thing and came back up looking pretty good, not too tired, which is good because even at 43 pounds she is heavy to carry up and down.  Patch weighed more but he didn’t mind walking to the top of the stairs so it was easier to lift him.  With Taz I need to pick her up in the house and go out the door and then down the stairs.

Her gums are slightly pinker than last night and she ate again this morning.  I believe what it is called is autotransfuse so she is re-absorbing the blood in her belly.  Hopefully she doesn’t bleed again for a while.

Another unusual thing was she asked to go for a walk latter in the morning.  She actually pulled the leash off the table and danced when I picked it up.  We walked about 4 houses down the street and back, much shorter than our usual walk but plenty for her today.

All in all an up day!

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