I was going to post about Scout today but instead a quick brief update on him: Final shots today so now we go to the city and get another tag to go with his name tag and rabies tag, he will jingle with the big boys. He is 27 pounds, and for those of you keeping track he was 15 at his last vet visit 7/25.

Unfortunately we found out today that Taz has Hemangiosarcoma, the same cancer that took Patch from us this winter. I had her in to the vet today because she has not been right and after taking her home I found her down on the deck with Scout dancing around her barking at her trying to get her up. He is leaving her alone which is good but I cannot believe we are going to lose another dog to the same disease in the same year. The vet said that they see about 20-25 cases a year in their office so two in the same family is rare and it’s more rare in Aussies than in other breeds.  I don’t even know what else to write at this time.

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