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We got a few thunder dumpers today. Scout didn’t seem to scared of the thunder and lightning but the very heavy rain, that happened to be falling when I got home to put him out did freak him out a little bit. We went out in the yard and maybe it was the noise of the rain on my umbrella, (ever try to walk a puppy with an umbrella in your hand?) but Scout just wanted to sit ON my feet and hang out under the dry umbrella. Wet puppies are kind of silly looking :-).

Tonight I introduced Scout to a frisbie. He loved it! It’s just a small floppy one made of nylon and rope around the outer circle but to him it was pure gold. He would run and pick it up, shake it to be sure it was dead, and then the best part was he would bring it back to me. Getting him to let it go was not an easy task, we are just starting the drop command and trading things for treats and praise. Once he did drop it he was rarin to go again. We played for a good 15 minutes in the yard.

This was right on the heels of his longest walk yet we went from our house #12 to #31 down the street. Came home and I ate dinner while he rested and then off to the yard for frisbie.  He is getting to be a lot of fun, just cannot wait until he understands the “no bite” command.  Teeth on skin is not good.  Teeth on bare ankles is even worse!

We decided to try something different for a walk tonight. We took both dogs and went down the street. It was the longest walk Scout has been on yet, a whopping about 12 houses down the street. It was interesting how Scout wanted to be the leader, as long as he was at least a half a body length in front of Taz he walked pretty well, when she was in front he pulled and tugged to get in front. There is a little over 12 years difference between them and he thinks he is top dog.

Hopefully he will crash tonight. He has been sleeping very well the past couple of nights.

So, Michele got Scout a Jolly Ball to play with today.  He thinks it’s pretty fun running around and throwing it.  Here’s a short video.  If some of you cannot see the videos let me know and we can try something else.


I am sitting here listing to someone whining because he wants to run the stairs. Scout learned to climb stairs on the fourth of July going on the deck stairs going up and down, up and down, up and down. Now he thinks that they are no big deal and is trying to race up and down in the house. It started out just going up the half flight to the front door landing and not wanting to continue but now it’s like they are not even there. Taz is bummed since the basement was her hideaway from him.