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Scout went in for his second set of shots today and all went smooth.  He is now 15 pounds and growing all seems healthy.  He did sleep a bit today, as we were busy and out quite a bit, but if it dries up Sunday hopefully we can play outside for a while.  He doesn’t mind getting wet in the rain, unlike Patch and Taz, but I would rather stay out of the mosquito breeding grounds, they are awful out back.

I picked up a 12" sonotube the other week at Home Depot for Scout to play with and he took right to it, kept running through it like he actually knew what he was doing (thanks Karen). Here is a short video of him playing in the yard with Emma and me.

and a picture of Emma giving him a treat after he successfully completed a tunnel dive.

It’s been one of the hottest weekends we have had in a long time. All over the country it’s +90 degrees and Scout was just wanting to sleep it off. So a few days ago the kids wanted to get Frosty Paws, ice cream for dogs, so the dogs could cool off. Scout seemed to think that it was pretty cool! He just couldn’t keep his tongue out of the cup. Emma just put it on the driveway and let him at it and it took him about 15 minutes to lick the container clean. Then of course he thought that he needed to eat the cup, ya know there might be a couple of drips in the corners 🙂 .

Taz isn’t feeling too well this week, all she is doing is sleeping on the basement tile floor, and maybe it’s just the heat so when she feels better she can have one too.

Wow, this morning Scout was feisty.  Up at 6:20 I took him out and let him do his business.  Then we just went for a short walk down the street. When we got home it was dance for food as usual and after he ate it was like someone lit a fuse on him.  He just rocketed around the living room with toys and bones.  I took him down stairs for a while so he wouldn’t wake up Michele and Emma.  Down stairs it just continued.  We are moving Zach’s bedroom to the basement and the trundle bed is held down with plastic cable ties to that it doesn’t pop up when we are moving it, Scout saw the tails of the cable ties and thought that they were a great thing to grab.  After I replaced one and cut the tail off two others so he wouldn’t get one we ventured back outside.  Again did his thing, sometimes it seems like the pent up energy signals that he needs to go out, but when we got back inside he was all over the place again.  I have been working with clicker training and the book Pat Miller’s “Power of Positive Training.”  He does have a pretty good recall and I was working that this morning when he would get away.  He comes flying back, ears flapping in the breeze, and skids to a stop in front of me.  We also have the sit pretty good and hope to reinforce that this weekend, next will be down.

This afternoon I strapped on a few leashes and took both dogs around the block. It went pretty well with the exception of trying to clean up the mess they left. Taz has to go first and as soon as I clean it up then goes Scout. Trying to hold the two leashes and clean up without getting tripped was a challenge.

Scout did pretty well for a long walk. He was extremely curious of a storm drain with water running under ground. He would look down and cock his head this way and that way. It was quite funny.

He is getting big, we weighed him last night and he is about 14 pounds right now. He was 8 when we brought him home. The only down side to weighing him at home is I was on the scale with him and then without to subtract the difference and I need to lose a few pounds, maybe I can give them to him 😉