I took Scout with me to pick up Emma from daycare today and Sara has a golden named Sadie. Sadie is about 10 months old and full of energy, she is mellow with all the kids at daycare but when she gets to play doggie style look out! It was pretty fun to watch them although Sadie is quite a bit bigger than Scout, he can actually walk underneath her belly. They played for a good 20 minutes. The thing that was interesting was that Sadie played with Scout the way Scout plays with Taz, he was SOAKED from his head to shoulders. I think we will try again when he is bigger and can fend for himself better. One good thing was that he raced up and down the stairs at Sara’s house, so we are trying harder here to get him up and down, he is getting heavy.  He slept pretty good tonight, using his favorite pillow, Taz.

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