I think I heard that phrase a dozen times today.  We have started to venture out and the question that we were getting over and over is “what kind of dog is that?”  I guess I should be used to it since we have had Aussies for 13 years, but Scout is very striking with his red merle color.  We went out to a pet shop to get more treats, yummy small ones for training, and decided to take him along.  I tried to make him pay for the ones he stole but the cashier said since he had no pockets for change it would be ok.  Zach and I were loading up a bag at the bulk bins and he just dove into the bottom box and helped himself to a mailman or cat, I couldn’t tell since he bit off the head and just the legs were sticking out of his mouth.  Over all, it was a good experience with the exception of the rude Lab that tried to mark him, but missed.

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