Woo hoo it’s July 4th and we went to a picnic! There were going be several dogs there to play with outside. Unfortunately, Mikey is too old to play. Samson just doesn’t want to play, Scout kept trying to play with Samson, who is a big black lab mix, but he put Scout in his place once or twice so Scout left him alone. Wylie the playmate prospect, a Toy Aussie puppy was too nervous to play with Scout. We tried several times to let them play but he would just sit down and pin his ears back so far that they touched at the back of his head. Scout was bummed out 🙁 . We might try going to Wylie and Samson’s house sometime, although Wylie isn’t going to get much bigger than Scout is now, just 15 pounds as an adult, so we would need to do it before the brute towers over him 😉 . We ever thought that Wylie and Scout could share Scout’s exercise pen but we decided to skip that as to make him any more nervous than he was already. Maybe another time.

He ran all over with Taz when we got home. We decided that after seeing the way Samson put Scout in his place that Taz really hasn’t done that yet, she just toys with him but wants to play and maybe feels that she will lose her playmate if she gives him a good scolding.

Since no one would play with Scout, he need to make up his own games. He stole a water bottle, well it really started by him licking the condensation off the outside from being in the cooler and when it fell over it became such fun! Rolling a half empty bottle as the water sloshed around was good for at least 20 minutes of enjoyment. He got the label off and didn’t want to give that to Michele at first, thinking that he got a super prize but realized that the bottle was the real prize. He was picking it up and throwing it down and rolling it all over the place.

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