Food is such a powerful motivator. Scout is willing to do pretty much anything for some food :).

Today before lunch (when he is good and hungry) I took Scout outside to play on a long line in the front yard. I started to work on come and left him in the yard at the end of the line and from the other end of the line called Scout to me. After about the third time he was rarin’ to go, remember anything for food. So I continued about half a dozen more times and ended on a great note. As we were leaving the yard he took off across the driveway towards the neighbor’s yard and I called him and he stopped dead in his tracks turned and bolted back to me for a treat (glad I had one in my hand at the moment). He got a jackpot (to him anyway:grin:) of three treats for that beautiful display. Then it was inside for the well deserved lunch and a nap. I’ll try to catch a video later today if it doesn’t rain and post that soon.

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