I wore him out this weekend 🙂 It’s been a few weeks since we went to play with the other dogs at Bowdoin and this weekend we went twice. He has been laying around most of the day yesterday and today. This is on top of spending a week with friends while we were in Maryland. They have two dogs, a cat, fish, two kids, and Scout for a week. We’re sorry.

Close to 80 degrees in MD and got off the plane and it was 38 degrees. Now we have snow again, 12 inches on Thursday, maybe it will stop in time for the leaves to change colors? At least playing in the snow is more work than playing in the grass. You can see the dogs all lifting their legs higher as they run. We went for a walk around the block tonight and he did really well with the leash pulling and chewing, maybe it was being tired and just going out for a short trip was all he needed. Hopefully we will start agility soon and that will also help wear him out mentally as well as physically 😉

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