This is the most pitiful dog you’ve ever seen. Scout had a little rougher surgery than most due to Cryptorchidism so he has a second incision in the abdomen. He took a trip to the emergency vet Sunday night, Christmas Eve, due to the fact that this second incision was very red and swollen. The vet did a good cleaning and dried it with Gold Bond Medicated Powder and sent us home with antibiotics. He is just starting to show some energy today, I think he is getting bored and wants to play but that is hard with an e-collar on your head. He just moves from the bed to the dog bed to the couch to the other end of the couch and repeats the process with some whining. I imagine that standing is hurting or pulling on the incision since every time he is up it’s a frantic attempt to lick the area. Hopefully this week will go quickly and he can get back to normal soon. Staples come out Tuesday Jan. 2.

One Response to “Neutering, good idea, sad dog”

  1. Robyn says:

    I’m curious if your dog had a hard time being neutered and having the Cryptorchidism? My dog just had the surgery on Monday and he seems so out of it still and it’s THURSDAY. I’m getting a little nervous. He doesn’t want to eat or anything. I have to force him to eat. Any info would be great. Thanks!