It’s the start of Doggie Boot Camp on Monday. I am off work until Jan. 8th and it’s getting time to get really serious with the training. Some days Scout can be so good and other days he will drive us up the wall. My goal is to try to do at least three 10-15 minute sessions a day. Starting over from the beginning. Tomorrow is come, sit, & down. I am thinking that if I can get his mind really working instead of being in the kennel when we are at work he will learn faster. I am going to try to take him when ever I go out on short trips and hang out downtown so he can see people and other dogs in a setting that isn’t class or playing out in the fields at Bowdoin.

In a perfect world this will make the perfect puppy, we don’t live in the perfect world so hopefully my goal of a livable companion will pay off. He is smart enough to take anything we throw at him, it seems as if his problem is the lack of focus. Pam, my obedience teacher called him a ADD dog, is there such a thing? I think Casco Bay Dog Training is offering a CGC, Canine Good Citizen, class in January and I want to take it and pass.

Wish us luck! 🙂

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