Three things that don’t mix well are raw pancake batter, a food thief dog, and trying to get to work.

6:50 this morning I was mixing pancake batter for the kids breakfast and while the griddle was heating up I went across the kitchen to put some food down for Scout.  As I am scooping the food I hear his tags hit the counter, yes, it’s a distinct sound, and turn around just in time to see him pull the wire wisk out of the bowl of batter and tip the bowl in the process.  Raw batter poured over the counter onto the floor and of course onto, and I use the term loosely today, the dog.  It is dripping down the cupboards, pooling on the counter and floor, getting stuck in the fur of a four legged food thief and he is right there licking it up like it’s the nectar of the gods.

Bad way to start a Friday.  Sorry no pictures just use your imagination.

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