If you read yesterday’s post about dirty dogs then you will understand the need for “The Bath”. It was one of those things we were dreading in the back of our minds, with Patch and Taz we only got one bath in at home and then it was always off to the groomers for future bathings. To difficult, messy, and stinky (wet doggie smell).

Scout did pretty well for his first bath. He was a little nervous about the tub and of course the kids laughing and screaming in the bathroom didn’t help, but he was a trooper. It took all of 10 minutes from into the water to out of the tub. He did try to drain the tub by flipping the stopper handle, we caught him and put a stop to that pretty quickly. He tolerated the shampoo and cups of water on his back pretty well. I couldn’t get him to sit or lie down to make it easier for his stomach, and everyone kept asking when I would wash the cottage cheese off his face. I had to remind them that if he is anything like Patch or Taz as soon as his head gets wet the body starts to shake all the water off, so I do that last. He didn’t disappoint us at all and promptly shook off water right after wetting his head. All in all it was fun and not nearly as bad as I remembered from 12 years ago.

Once he jumped out of the tub, yes, we were done, he started to rub his face and body on everyone in the room. He would squeeze between us and the wall or vanity and then on to the next dry person in the room.

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