Tonight was Scout’s first puppy class (my second) and he got a good work out. We practiced attention, sit, sit stay, and loose leash walking. We have the sit down and the attention pretty well also, but we need some serious help with the loose leash walking. All the neighbors keep telling me how much bigger he is getting, we just don’t see it. I would guess he is around 20 pounds but that is a guess, we will find out next Friday at his vet appointment. I just hope he gets the loose leash walking soon or he will be tough to hold when he pulls.One thing I did decide in class was that I need 3 hands. We were practicing the sit/stay and you have him sit on your left, hold his collar with your left thumb and put treats out on the floor a foot or so out of his reach and tell him to stay. Then when he does stop pulling for the treats just click the clicker and give him a treat from the right hand while holding him with the left hand, stand on your head and spin clockwise at the same time…I just need three hands!

He seemed to travel better this time, not so nervous in the car and he just settled down in the crate. It might have been the fact that it wasn’t the usual car crate abut his regular house crate (we have three different ones). All four of us went to class so I had to turn the crate sideways in the back of the car instead of flipping down the seat and putting it front to back, he could not see us this way so maybe that was key?

Lot’s to practice this week…

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  1. Rosana Hart says:

    So pleased to see the use of clickers in a training class! for more tips and tricks on their use, do visit my site

    I hadn’t used my clicker for over a year with my two dogs and one day I found it and clicked it. There was a stampede of eight feet tearing downstairs, where they both sat perfectly in front of me, looking eagerly at me!