I don’t really want to know but if you are a dog they are like heaven. I have never seen them before and both dogs really love to chew on them. Scout just to satisfy his need to chew and Taz just to keep it from Scout. It’s pretty funny that if I get two of them and put them on the floor at the same time each do will take one. Ok, that’s not the funny part…Scout has this attitude that is: “it’s mine, all mine and not yours!” They can both be chewing them across the room from each other and Scout will get up and leave his, steal hers and start chewing on that one. Then Taz will pick up the one that Scout abandoned across the room and lie down and chew on that until he realizes that she has a different one than him and he will come and steal that one back. This will go on, and on, and on until some one (Taz) goes downstairs to get away or we put a stop to the games. Scout also is still having trouble holding them by himself. We have showed him how to put one paw over and one under the stick so the end is up in the air and easier to chew but this photo shows one of his favorite ways to chew them.

3 Responses to “What’s a Bully Stick?”

  1. Harv says:

    It’s so true how much the dogs love these. We have two Smooth Fox Terriers that go berzerk for the ‘chews’ — as we call them — and will whittle one down to a stub in about an hour (the really thick ones). Sometimes works to have one more chew than the number of dogs so there’s not too much scrapping.

    Our one girl used to gnaw them down to about 2″ long, then when we’d try to take it away because it was close to a choke hazard — she would swallow it. I remember always telling her, “That’s gonna hurt coming out!”

  2. mattmill says:

    Glad ours last for a few days not hours. They are great for teething puppies!

  3. The Graduate « Maine Millers says:

    […] So, last night we finished our beginner obedience class and to my amazement we passed with a paper certificate and dog biscuit. Zach got a Cow Tail, very different than a bully stick, for being a good helper, but he was so busy reading he almost missed out. Scout did really well, one of the “tests” we had was a relay race, one by one we would go across the room and have to put the dogs in a stay. Then one by one move six biscuits from one plate to another plate on the floor with chopsticks. Not one dog stole a biscuit! We start intermediate classes in two weeks so that just gives us 14 days to whip him into shape. […]