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We have discovered that a tired Aussie has happier owners! Friday night we rented a couple of movies and we walked to Bart and Greg’s DVD store to pick up movies. It’s just shy of 2 miles round trip and about 45-60 minutes of walking with the kids. So we brought Scout along. We worked on loose leash walking and paying attention to us. He did really good. On the walk home the kids took turns walking him for about a block and they did a good job with him. Anyway he rested during the movie, Inside Man, so we could actually watch in peace.

Then Saturday night the kids and Michele watched RV while I took Scout on another 2 mile walk in hopes that he would settle again so we could watch another movie, this time Take the Lead, which was pretty good.  Unfortunately Scout didn’t settle down too well.  He did eventually go into his kennel and go to sleep so we could watch the movie.

Right now he is trying to entice Taz to play and she really wants to but keep hacking and coughing when he pulls on her. They are starting to settle finally but Emma has a friend coming over.  I’ll give him a while to see what happens, hopefully he stays settled.

We had a follow up visit with the vet today and up until lunch yesterday things seemed to be getting better. She would get up and greet us at the door, go up and down the stairs. Something happened after my lunch visit yesterday. She seems much more tired and ate a small dinner and breakfast today, would not eat lunch at all today and is just laying around the kitchen floor. She did give a good snap to Scout since he really wanted to play with her and she just doesn’t have the energy or desire. Right now he is laying on the floor leaning against her stomach and chewing a bone while she sleeps. Hopefully she will bounce back again over the weekend. Time will tell…